Give your space a contemporary twist with our range of Venetian Blinds. Available in both Real Wood, Faux Wood and our specialised aluminium the Jigsaw Blinds Venetian range is both practical and stylish. Our aluminium range is perfect for those rooms which build up high levels of condensation such as the kitchen and bathroom but the unique style and finishes offered within this range also make them the perfect choice for both your office and any room in your home, giving you complete control over privacy and sunlight that lasts for years. Used on their own Venetian Blinds are purely functional items, but with the addition of a neat pelmet top they are ideal for a modern minimalist style.


Available in both wide and narrow slats Venetian Blinds can really make the most of any window space no matter how small or large. Our Real Wood & Faux Wood range of Venetian Blinds brings natural beauty and warmth into the home and our aluminium range are water resistant, low maintenance and easy to clean. Their tilt mechanism allows you to have complete control over the light you let into your rooms and allows for total privacy in the private areas of your home. Available in natural finishes and bright colours our range of Venetian Blinds can add that unique pop of you to any area in your home. 

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